Beginner Diver SCUBA DIVER

If you want to become a certified diver and do not have much time to spare, then the Padi Scuba Diver diploma is right for you. This diploma takes less time, covering a big part of the OPEN WATER DIVER program.

The duration of the theory is about 4 hours and is completed in 2 days (parallel to diving). The practice is completed in 5 dives (from an initial depth of 1.5 meters to 12 m)
With the PADI SCUBA DIVER you have the opportunity to dive up to 12 meters, always accompanied by a Divemaster and above. And you can always continue and complete the training for the OPEN WATER DIVER later.
Minimum age is 10 years
Minimum time to complete the program 1 day-pool + 2 dives.

Open Water Diver

PADI® Open Water Diver is the first level of diving certification. A highly trained PADI instructor will teach you how to dive in a relaxed, supportive learning environment.

By the end of the course, you will have the skills and knowledge to dive at home or abroad and become ambassadors for the underwater world.

Learn about the principles and terminology of scuba diving (either offline or online), then learn basic pool (or pool-like) diving skills with a highly trained PADI instructor. When you’re ready, take four dives in an open water environment (ocean, lake) with your instructor supporting you every step of the way.

PADI eLearning makes it easy to fit diving lessons into a busy schedule. Learn about the principles and terminology of diving whenever, wherever is convenient for you.

It’s your course in your time. Study offline or online using a computer or mobile device. Connect with your instructor whenever you have a question.

eLearning Time: 5-10 hours

Practice using diving equipment in a pool (or pool-like environment) until you feel comfortable. PADI training includes practice “mini dives” to help you build confidence in your new skills before you do four open water dives.

Prerequisites: Ability to swim. medically fit for diving
Total commitment time: 4-7 days
Minimum age: 10 years and older
Depth: expect shallow dives (12m/40ft), maximum allowed depth is 18m/60ft.

Diving requires a minimum level of health and fitness. Chronic health conditions, certain medications and/or recent surgery may require you to obtain written approval from a physician prior to diving.

Avoid disappointment, download and read the Diver Medical form to make sure you won’t need a doctor’s approval to dive before signing up for a diving course. Instructors, teachers and dive shop staff are not doctors and should not be consulted for medical advice. only medical professionals can give medical clearance for diving.

If you (or your doctor) have questions about medical fitness to dive, contact the experts at Divers Alert Network (DAN).


The certification “Advanced Open sea Diver“, includes five Adventure Dives, including Deep Diving (maximum depth 30 meters) and Navigation Diving and three more adventure dives (Boat Diving, Night Diving, Buoyancy Adjustment, Sailing and Sailing, Submarine, Submarine Digital underwater photography, Enriched Air Diving, DPV etc. In Dikelas Dive Center completes your certification by doing.

  1. Perfection of Buoyancy Adjustment
  2. Navigation Diving
  3. Night diving
  4. Boat Diving
  5. Deep Diving

Participants should also complete the respective quizzes and knowledge reviews of the specific 5 dives before their dives from the Adventures in diving manual.

Minimum age is 12 years.
Minimum time to complete the program 2 days-5 dives. (about 15 hours)

Rescue Diver

Training in the Rescue Diver program will prepare you to prevent problems and, if necessary, manage diving emergencies.

During the program you will cover:

  • Self-rescue issues and diver stress
  • First aid in diving
  • Emergency management and equipment
  • Help and rescue without swimming and with swimming
  • Responding to a panicked diver
  • Underwater Problems
  • Lost diver procedures
  • Bringing the unconscious diver to the surface
  • Respiratory rescue techniques in water
  • Exits from the water
  • First aid procedures for stress-related accidents
  • Scuba diving scenarios.

Minimum age is 12 years.
Minimum time to complete the program 2 days-5 dives. (about 25 hours)

Participants must also complete quizzes and knowledge reviews from the Rescue Diver Manual. At the end there are multiple choice exams, where 75% of the questions must be answered correctly.



Be a leader who guides and motivates others. Gain diving knowledge, supervisory skills and become a role model for divers around the world.

Share your passion for scuba diving by becoming a PADI Divemaster. As a dive leader you will oversee diving activities and assist with diving lessons. PADI Divemaster is the first step in your diving career.

The PADI Divemaster course teaches you to be a leader and take charge of diving activities. Through knowledge development sessions, water skills exercises and workshops, and practical assessment, you develop the skills to organize and direct a variety of diving activities. Topics and hands-on workshops include:

The role and characteristics of the PADI Divemaster
Supervise diving activities and assist with student divers
-Diver safety and risk management
-Divemaster conducted programs and specialized skills
-Diving business and your career
-Awareness of the diving environment
– Dive setup and management
-Open water location mapping
-Conduct dive briefings
-Organizing a search and recovery project and a deep dive
-Conduct a dive review and skin diver lessons
-Assisting with Discover Scuba Diving and top Discover Local Diving programs

Age requirement
18 years and older
Course prerequisites
Rescue Diver, 40 dives, CPR and First Aid certification within 24 months, medical license to dive
Time commitment
About 50 hours

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