Mediterranean Sea inside the gulf of Karystos. About 0.5 nautical miles from the nearest beach at the western end of the bay.

The head starts from a depth of 5 m while ends at a depth of about 35 m. The land of Mpourou is in the form of a pyramid. This enables traffic from all levels of divers. The depth changes smoothly. Many times due to the location of the dry land herds of pelagic fish visit it, offering a special spectacle to divers.

The head of the land is permanently inhabited by herds of nuns and small fish that try to protect themselves from the raids of larger predators. Colorful sponges decorate the rocky skeleton of the dry land and a network of many small galleries is home to rye, styrofoam and moss.

Easily accessible by boat and relatively protected from strong north winds. Sometimes currents are created, but that must be taken into account when planning the dive. Also offer for night diving by boat.

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