On March 2, 1973, the ship “Kassandra” sank in the southern Evia after colliding with rocks due to the wrong course that followed.

The shipwreck is located in an upright position at the end of the rocks of the island on a sandy bottom. Its maximum depth is 30 meters and its minimum is about 20. This is a very beautiful shipwreck that combines shallow depth and good visibility most of the time. Although in winter the visibility is greatly reduced due to the weather and currents in summer it is excellent making the wreck visible even from the surface.

In practice, this is exactly half of the original ship as its “cuts” show that at some point in the past work was done to cut and lift parts of it, leaving the part from the middle of the ship to the stern.

Despite its small size, it offers several penetrations, with the top one in the area of ​​its engine room, where with great care there is a path that circles the main engine (which is kept in excellent condition).

The shipwreck, acting as an artificial reef, has gathered a great variety of marine life. In its trunk one can see large concentrations of fish, sargos, sikios, etc. a wide variety of microorganisms, crustaceans, while visits by flocks of magpies are not uncommon.

Recommended for advanced level divers and more.

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