Would you like to do more scuba diving but do not have enough time to do a lesson? Experience “Discover Diving” in combination with another boat dive on the high seas, any other day you want. After the “Discover Diving” experience you may want to do another dive, but a more relaxing one. We can offer you another day, a boat dive, so you can continue your adventure.

What is included in the “Discover Diving” diving program:

  • Meeting at the diving center.
  • Completion of certain applications (medical statement, liability cards, etc.).
  • Watch the video “Discover the Experience of Diving” and a brief overview of what we have learned.
  • Selection of a complete diving equipment (mask, snorkel, flippers, diving jacket (BCD), diving tank, pressure regulator for breathing, depth monitoring and air supply instruments, diving suit (monosort) and weight system).
  • Transfer to the diving area (coast).
  • Update on the coast.
  • Learning some skills in very shallow water.
  • Continue by diving in the open sea, where the driver / instructor will be next to you.
  • Marine life recognition and photography.
  • Report at the end of the experience.
  • Transfer to the diving center.
  • DAN accident insurance included.

Total time required: 3-4 hours

The experience of “Discover Diving” can be combined with another dive from a boat on the high seas, another day. This is the “Discover Diving + Boat Diving” program

Total time required: 3 hours (day diving by boat).

What is included:
  • Meeting at the diving center.
  • Transfer to the diving area with our equipment.
  • Giving Information
  • Offshore diving, under the direct supervision of your driver, at a maximum depth of 12 meters.
  • Exit the water.
  • Account on board.
  • Transfer back to the diving center.
  • Complete diving equipment included.
  • Marine life recognition and photography.
  • DAN accident insurance included.
  • Knowledge of swimming
  • You must be at least 10 years old.
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