Dikelas Dive Center

Dikelas Dive Center is a certified Padi 5 star diving center.
Our diving center has been operating since 2007 providing excellent training services for all levels of diving. The owner, Kyriakos Dikelas, and his specialized associates will guide you through the secrets of the underwater world of South Evia, safely gaining unforgettable experiences.
A small sample of dive sites are: The Shipwreck of Platourada, The Shipwreck on the River, The Shipwreck of Archapolis, Reef of the island of Mandili, Walls of the Petals etc.

Our Services.

SPIROGRAFOI The experienced divers who have dived in this particular diving spot…
KSERA NISAKI This is a dry land, which starts at a…
KSERA MPOUROU Mediterranean Sea inside the gulf of Karystos. About 0.5 nautical…
FOUNTAS A diving spot, located in the complex of Petalia Islands, with…
KASSANDRA WREK On March 2, 1973, the ship "Kassandra" sank in the…
KSERA LINARI Reef located on the west side of Mount Karystos…

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Our clients say

“We had an amazing time on our snorkeling trip with Dikelas Dive Center.Everyone was really polite, friendly and professional.They told us the incredible story of the Petalioi islands, they showed us fantastic underwater treasures, and took us to pristine beaches.It was an awesome and unforgettable experience.Thank you and I hope to see you again soon.

Alex Kosta

I had really great dives with Dikelas Dive Center! Very experienced, nice and friendly people, we had great trips! The equipement is also in very good condition. I‘ll be back for sure to see more of the underwater beauty of South Evia

Annette Ha

I went on a snorkelling trip with Dikelas Dive Center and it was an amazing experience with very friendly and thoughtful guides! If you go to Evia, you must not miss this adventure!

Violeta Tancheva

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