Agia Paraskevi beach

From Karystos, you follow the main coastal road to the west. About 7.5 km from the town centre the road goes over a hill, overlooking the beaches down bellow. Ahead of it and to the south you can see several small promontories which form a number of sheltered beaches. These are the beaches of Agia Paraskevi.

This is named after the small chapel of Agia Paraskevi built on top of the central promontory.

Due to the future housing development in the area, there are several asphalted roads that lead to various parts of the coast, hence, four of these beaches are very easily accessible. From north to south we find Laka Saravanou (8.8 km from Karystos), the north beach of Agia Paraskevi (9.6 km), the south beach of Agia Paraskevi ( 9.8 km) and Spitha (10.5 km).

All the above beaches are sandy with some pebbles and are orientated to the east.

The seabed is mainly rocky with some sandy sections, and is ideal for snorkelling and amateur fishing.

The area is sparsely vegetated with wild olives mainly, very few of which grow near the beaches.

The north beach of Agia Paraskevi has a well and soon there will also be a mobile cantina installed.

Spitha is worth mentioning as it is a double beach. The small promontory stretching to the east is rather low and narrow and the two beaches formed on either side seem to adjoin.

The beaches of Agia Paraskevi have safe waters and are sheltered from the winds. It is a beautiful natural setting where you can enjoy moments of tranquillity and isolation.


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