Potami beach

This is the most popular beach on the southern part of the Cavodoro coastline.

From Karystos we head east and go through the village of Aetos. At the end of the village we come to a forked junction. We take the left-hand fork. The road starts climbing quite high and we head north (we are 11.5 km from Karystos). From this point on we lose sight of the bay and the town. On our right we have the view of the Cavodoro Straits and the island of Andros. We follow the asphalted road to the village of Platanistos. 2 km after Platanistos we turn right into a dirt road, following the signs to the hamlet of Potami.

The distance is about 30km from Karystos.

The area was named Potami (potami=river) after the river that flows from the village of Panochori, higher up on the mountain, crosses Platanistos and ends in a small and fertile valley by the sea. Just before it flows into the sea the river crosses a plane-tree forest and in the summer, when the water is low, the area under the trees is popular with campers.

The beach is mostly sandy, with some pebbly sections and its seabed is not uniform. Near the shore the water is relatively shallow and sandy, with some rocky formations in parts. As we swim away from the shore, it suddenly becomes deeper and the seabed consists of sand and fine pebbles with beautiful turquoise water.

The beach is about 1km long and quite wide (up to 150m at its southern tip) and it is enclosed at both ends by high cliffs.

Very close to the beach there are three tavernas which offer food and basic supplies. There is also a small unit with rooms to let.

It is an area that combines natural beauty, tranquillity and isolation with the option of some facilities.

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