Tour on our boat  to the enchanting waters of the Aegean. Discover with snorkeling -surface swimming with mask and snorkel- the turquoise waters of Petalioi, wild beauty of Archapolis, Andros or Kea.

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Kyriakos Dikelas was born in 1975. He is the owner of Dikelas Dive Center - Fishing Store located in Karystos. It is a free and scuba diving center and is also engaged in the retail sale of fishing, diving equipment and underwater hunting.

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Scuba Diving

Admire the wonders of south Evia's sea up close. Swim with fish or catch a ride with a dolphin. The morphology of Karystos sea, makes almost each beach a separate Dive Site. Ideally for either Shore Diving or Boat Diving.Whatever the weather forecast for Karystos sea might be you get the opportunity for a thrilling Dive Site.

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Visit our Diving/Snorkeling map, see where do we dive.  Travelwith our pictures to most important dive sites of South Evia, the gulf of Karystos, the Petali islands  and Marmari.

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Dikelas Diving Family

Dikelas Dive Centre is a family business. A Padi dive center from 2007. A fishing and diving equipment store from 1998. Kyriakos Dikelas  (Padi DM #645024#) and his wife Thalia Nikitopoulou (Padi Master scuba diver trainer #644195#),  will guide you into the blue secrets of south Evia with safety. A small sample of our dive sites:

  • The Platurada wreck. An almost untouched ship is laid down close to a small island. Depth from15 m to 30m.
  • Potami wreck. It is broken into 3 pieces and it is very impressive. Each piece suddenly appears during your dive. Great chance for any diver who wants to improve his underwater navigation skills. Depth from 18 to 35 m.
  • Archaboli wreck. Depth from 14m to 16m. It is laid upside- down.
  • 5-6 reefs in the golf of Karystos which begin from 5m to 35m depth full of sea life and colours. Big anchors and chains are abandoned on the reefs.
  • Mantili island’s reef. The most amazing reef with sea life like Grouper, Yellowtail amberjack, Moray and very big rocks. At the and of the dive we pass through a small tunnel beginning from 28 m to end to 18 m.
  • Petalioi walls. Beautiful walls full of color and life, ideal for wall diving.

Why to choose Dikelas Dive Center???  Why to choose Karystos???

9 reasons to choose Dikelas Dive Center

  1. In 1,5 hr from El.Venizelos airport you can dive in central Aegean water (25 min from the airport to Rafina Port , 55 min to Marmary and 10 min from Marmary to Karystos with bus or taxi).
  2. The water is very clean, with great visibility and many beautiful shores. Climate as Cyclades islands.
  3. Big variety of diving sites from boat or shore, wreck diving, wall diving. Reefs.
  4. Programs for any level of divers from beginners (touristic programs: Discover scuba Diving, snorkeling for non divers) ,courses or guided diving for certified divers
  5. Amazing marine life. Water temperature 15-25 oC. 
  6. Brand new equipment, 8.5 Tornado super diving boat and 5,6 rib diving boat.
  7. High level diving services. We personally teach or guide groups of 2-10 divers. Courses in English.
  8. Go for diving with any weather. No matter the wind or waves, there is always a place where we can dive.
  9. Best period from April-15 July and September-November, because of better prices and better service quality.